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Educators speak about formative assessment in their classrooms....

Ms. Cortes uses formative assessment to activate her students as supporters of each others' learning. In this short video, she describes her students' experiences.

  • The Assessment for Learning training was some of the BEST I have had..and I have had a lot!! ☺ Truthfully, I was dreading being off campus for three days AND the thought of talking about assessment for three days pretty much “sealed the deal”...BUT I LOVED it!

  • Everything was organized, quick paced, easy to use…and the training was obviously VERY well-planned! The three of you have great “chemistry” and it shows! Thank you for providing us with some of the most useful training ever…I plan to use this with my college students also!

  • I love this!! It makes perfect sense and the kids are totally engaged in learning! Afterward we had a discussion about their misconceptions and it naturally led into a plus/delta activity. These were the BEST lessons for formative assessment. Thanks for inviting me to learn with you!!

  • The Assessment For Learning trainings modeled a variety of formative assessment tools and strategies. Built-in reflection and planning time for teachers helped ensure successful classroom implementation.

"Building on the simple concept that we really need to know where the learners are in their understanding, not just at the beginning or end of a lesson, but throughout the learning process, Sandy Snow and Karen Vance masterfully immerse teachers and instructional leaders in the art of formative assessment. While some professional development is destined to be an "event" and will, ultimately, have little to no impact on classroom instruction, Snow and Vance take learners on a journey—one that invites practice, reflection, implementation, and a return to reflection. Participants are able to move beyond theory to practice that is as easy to implement as anything I have experienced."


Participants' Responses

Building Capacity in Formative Assessment