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Building Capacity in Formative Assessment

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Registration Links and Dates

All webinars are one hour in length.

Elementary webinars begin at 3:30 pm.

Secondary webinars begin at 4:00 pm.

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  Pre-K and Kindergarten
  Dec. 2
  First Grade
  Second Grade
  Third Grade (Math/Science)
  Nov. 5
  Third Grade (Reading/Writing)
  Nov. 6
  Fourth Grade (Math/Science)
  Dec. 16
  Fourth Grade (Reading/Writing)
  Dec. 3
  Fifth Grade (Math/Science)
  Dec. 17
  Fifth Grade (Reading/Writing)
  Dec. 1

 Secondary Reading/ELA

  Nov. 13
  Secondary Math
  Nov. 19
  Secondary Science
  Dec. 10
  Secondary Social Studies
  Dec. 11

Fort Worth ISD

Assessing FOR Learning Webinar Series

As a participant in last year's Assessing FOR Learning series, you now have the opportunity to build on your learning by sharing student work with your peers in an interactive webinar. The experience supports a culture of collaboration that celebrates successful practices and expands ways to check for understanding.

How You Can Contribute

Because the focus of the webinar will be on examples experienced in like grade/content level classrooms, we invite you to submit pictures.

Sharing student work with peers adds depth to the conversation.

Please submit student examples of formative assessment strategies to

Include the following information in your email message:

  1. Campus
  2. Your name        
  3. Grade level       
  4. Subject
  5. Formative assessment strategy used
  6. Learning target / I can statement
  7. What you learned about the students’ understanding
  8. What your next steps in instruction were
  9. Attach pictures of student work to your email.   

Note: Examples must be received at least two working days prior to your scheduled webinar.

Need help registering for a webinar? Contact support at