Snow, Vance and Associates

On-Site Professional Learning

Educators learn:

WHY   formative assessment is an essential component of a campus or district focus that ensures student success.

HOW   formative assessment

  • supports a learning platform,
  • fosters engagement of students and educators,
  • ensures collaboration between colleagues for student interventions and extensions, and
  • instills ownership for learning among educators and students. 

WHAT 35+ formative assessment tools provide immediate feedback and result in teachers wanting more tools while changing instructional practice. 

We provide research-based, engaging and meaningful professional learning for educators.

Through highly interactive, engaging and meaningful learning design,  educators develop a working understanding of the 

Why, How and What

of checking for understanding.

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Building Capacity in Formative Assessment

Research-based Practices

The power of feedback and formative assessment has been shown in numerous research studies. Read about a few examples here.

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