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Building Capacity in Formative Assessment

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Move it! Move it! ...with Formative Assessment  

Learning Forward National Conference

Nashville, TN              December 2014 

You've got to "move it, move it" with formative assessment in order to know where students are in their learning and determine next steps in instruction. Learn the why, how, and what of checking for understanding through a highly interactive and engaging professional learning experience. Experience how formative assessment blends engagement, collaboration and ownership for learning. Leave the session with simple, time-efficient formative assessment tools that ensure student success.

Assessing FOR Learning - The Two Day Series 

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Hurst, TX              January 21 and February 5, 2015                               

Join us for two days of interactive professional learning opportunity designed to promote student success. This transformational and sustainable process involves educators learning:

  • the purpose and power of formative assessment

  • how to design work that embeds formative assessment strategies, and

  • a protocol to examine student work in team meetings or PLCs.