Snow, Vance and Associates

Building Capacity in Formative Assessment

Assessing FOR Learning Two Day Series

January 21 and February 5, 2015

Hurst Conference Center

1601 Campus Drive, Hurst, TX 76054

8:30 am - 3:30 pm  


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Join us for a powerful professional development opportunity designed to promote student success. This transformational and sustainable process involves educators learning:

  • the purpose and power of formative assessment
  • how to design work that embeds formative assessment strategies, and
  • a protocol to examine student work in team meetings or PLCs.

Educators Learn:

WHY   formative assessment is an essential component of teaching and learning that ensures student success.

HOW   formative assessment

  • supports a student-centered classroom,
  • fosters engagement of students and educators,
  • ensures collaboration between colleagues for student interventions and extensions, and
  • instills ownership for learning among educators and students. 

WHAT   formative assessment tools uncover students' misconceptions and result in teachers wanting more tools while changing instructional practice.  

Individual Two Day Rate:
        Early Bird:  $299 (on or before December 17)          
        Regular:     $349 (after December 17)

Group Two Day Rate:

Groups of 3 or more participants from the same campus receive an early bird group rate.

        Early Bird:  $249 per person (on or before December 17)
        Regular:     $349 per person (after December 17)

Principals Free! One FREE administrator with three paid registrations. Two FREE administrators with five or more paid registrations. Participants must be from the same district and must register at the same time. Administrators include principals, assistant principals and approved district administrators.

Implementation is most successful when educators have opportunities to integrate learning in the classroom. For that reason, we ask that participants attend both learning days to build capacity for deep understanding of formative assessment and change in personal practice.

To support successful implementation, participants learn on two, non-consecutive days.

Day One:  Teachers learn the importance of detecting students' misconceptions and leave with 10-15 low-prep, little-to-no cost strategies for immediate classroom use.

Day Two: Teachers return with student products and experience a protocol to celebrate student growth as a result of checking for understanding.